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Artists 2015:

Black Messengers Afro Band, Narrow Borders, Zimboita, Chornissen.

Black Messengers Afro Band

Black Messengers Afro Band

This is a band made up of 9 established and talented musicians from all corners of Africa: Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Congo, and Burkina Faso, currently based in Vienna Austria. Their music has been influenced by a variety of cultures and is a fusion of african traditional music and afro pop, filled with harmonious singing, percussion and Kora. The electrifying performance characterised by energetic dance moves too, leaves the crowd wanting more.

Black Messengers Afro Band´s themes focus on the fight against poverty and dictatorship and encourages gender equality, peace, love, unity, justice, and democracy. The preservation of the African culture is the utmost theme that the band is based on.

To reduce the waiting time enjoy our archives of videos and photos from the previous years: