Artists 2014:

Black Messengers Afro Band, Soualia, Tshwalabenyoni, Virginia Mukwesha, Chornissen.


Tshwalabenyoni featuring Roland Guggenbichler

Tshwalabenyoni is a Maskandi musician hailing from Plumtree District in Zimbabwe, whose mix of both the traditional and contemporary style of music are testimony to his unique skills on the acoustic and bass guitars, song writing and vocals. Living and composing in the rural areas, and a man too simple for the complexities of city life, Tshwalabenyoni’s music is a true definition of the African countryside life, seen through his eyes and voice. His story is as clear in his vocals just as the melodies he belts out through his guitar, melodies that define him as another creator of that magical African sound. His music is very popular in the rural areas of KwaZulu in South Africa and the Ndebele areas in the Southern region of Zimbabwe although his choice of sound is the one that has the world at heart. His soon to be released album in 2014 is a journey, indeed his personal journey through life ...!

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